Yoga Classes for Women

Soham Yogadhama: A yoga class that takes care of your all-round health development and fitness. 

One of the best yoga class for ladies in Patna for a reason. Regular yoga can change your whole lifestyle by contributing in your strength, improving flexibility, improves circulation, promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. So no matter what age you are at, a teenager dealing with menstrual issues, anxiety or stress or a working woman who has to stay on top of her game all the time and needs all her physical and mental strength. Soham Yogadhama offers Yoga classes for ladies in Patna with the aim to empower women from every stage of life.

Best yoga classes in Patna
Best yoga classes in Patna

Yoga Trainer for Women In Patna

Pregnancy is beautiful but a sensitive phase for a woman. Our yoga instructors offer special pregnancy yoga classes in Patna that eases the whole pregnancy journey for you. Research has proven that prenatal yoga not only helps throughout the pregnancy but also during labor.

The pregnancy yoga helps the expecting mothers in various ways to help them deal with all the health issues. Our yoga instructors offer variety of yoga sets and positions suitable for every phase of pregnancy which helps with stress management and reducing pelvic pain. We believe that yoga not only helps you in physical well being but also a complete holistic well being.

Our Yoga Trainer In Patna

May you be a working woman or a housewife, stress is always a part of the life. Soham Yogadhama understands that your schedule might not allow you visiting our Yoga centre. So we provide yoga classes at home for women who are in dire need to take control of their physical and mental health.

Best yoga classes in Patna
Best yoga classes in Patna

How is parental yoga different?

Prenatal yoga also known as pregnancy yoga involves:

Focused Breathing: Our yoga instructors assist you with focused breathing techniques. This technique of prenatal yoga helps managing shortness of breath during pregnancy and through contractions during labor.

Gentle stretching: Gentle stretching is always encouraged during pregnancy of specific areas in full range of motions, but only under expert supervision. Our yoga instructors are certified and experienced which makes Soham Yogadhama the best pregnancy yoga classes in Patna.

Postures: Various postures and positions are their which are aimed at developing your strength, flexibility and balance. These postures help building the core strength and provide support and comfort.  

Relaxation: After the prenatal yoga class, relaxation or cooling down of muscles and restoration heart rate is important. It is a self awareness and inner calmness that’s the motive behind this relaxation technique.

Benefits of Prenatal yoga for women

Prenatal yoga is a powerful form through which a woman could be prepared for her upcoming role as a mother. The progress may be slow but the benefits are exponentially increasing. The benefits that prenatal yoga yields for both child and mother are exceptionally high.

Prenatal yoga doesn’t only have notable physical benefits during pregnancy but has also proven to ease up the birthing process.

Firstly, what your body does in pregnancy is no less than a miracle. It is crazy strong of you and what your body went through. It’s very normal to get a bit self conscious about your body. You need not to worry, Soham Yogadhama provides the yoga classes at home in Patna which helps you drop that post pregnancy baby weight and get back in shape with all your strength.

We have special yoga routines for women dealing with PCOS and PCOD which helps them handle and overcome the health issues. Yoga for PCOS has its own health benefits and advantages. Soham Yogadhama provides yoga classes in Patna that helps women manage the polycystic ovary syndrome and maintain balance in the hormones.

Yoga has several benefits and having an experienced and certified yoga instructor by your side is what you need. Women have been found successfully juggling multiple tasks at once. Yoga is a means to achieving peace of mind and sanity in the world of chaos. It does much more than just making your body supple.

The overloaded schedule demands clarity in thoughts and sanity of mind and yoga is well balanced nourishment to the body and soul. Soham Yogadhama aims to empower women by helping them achieve all the physical and mental strength. No matter at what age you are at, we have a yoga routine that will benefit you.